Lepus Timer

- Easy and simple time app -

Hobbies such as studying, developing skills, exercising, reading...

Are you concentrating well?
How much time are you spending?

Visualize your time and increase your motivation and productivity!

Easy and simple time app

Select a task and mode (countdown/countup) and start the timer!
Seeds will grow according to the total time you spend on the task. How it grows is up to you to decide!

Registering Tasks

Register tasks that you want to do continuously, such as study, skill improvement, exercise, reading, etc.
In the countdown mode, you can set the concentration time, rest time, number of repetition sets, and countdown sound before 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and 3 seconds.

Countdown Mode

Repeat concentration and rest for a specified number of sets, and measure in countdown format. Of course, you can also use only one set of concentration.
You can also use it as a "Pomodoro" to repeat 25 minutes of concentration and 5 minutes of rest.

Count-up Mode

If you don't have a specific time in mind, use the count-up mode.
You can also set a notification sound for a specified elapsed time.

About Full Version

■ Unlimited number of tasks : Up to 5 tasks can be registered in the free version.

■ No advertising banner : Advertising banner will not be displayed.
The advertising banner is not a general advertisement but our other apps, so our developer will be happy if you can catch a glimpse of it.

■ Extra : Free comments from rabbits will increase.

The full version isUnlimited buyout!
If with future version upgrades
You don't need to pay additional fees once you have purchased it.

(except when changing the model between iOS and Android)